New Financial Advisor Application

The benefits of an ACGFund Financial Advisor Account are just steps away. Let's get started!

The first step is to download the ACGFund Program Description available here.

Once you are familiar with the ACGFund program, you are ready to open your new Financial Advisor Account.

There are two ways to complete the ACGFund Financial Advisor Application.

Complete the online application below. It is easy! If you use this method we will email you a signature page to complete and return to ACGFund.

Or, if you want to fill-in a hardcopy, PDF application, download it here.

For Donors who would like to complete the application on their own, please complete a New Donor Application here.

As soon as we have your completed application, we will email your donor their account credentials and invite them to login to the ACGFund web site to make their first contribution and pick their investment strategy.

Questions? We are just a click or phone call away, and ready to help you. Please call 877-677-2243 or email

New Financial Advisor Account Application

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