3rd Party Contributions

Friends and relatives can support your Donor Account at ACGFund.

Supporting contributions of $500 or more can build a Donor Account, year after year. The additional assets can be granted to qualifying nonprofits on a regular schedule or in one lump sum. Since the total available for granting is greater, the impact is also greater.

ACGFund cannot receive restricted contributions. Only the primary donor listed for a Donor Account can make grant recommendations. Therefore, it is important for Supporting Donors to recognize that the amount and timing of grant requests will be determined by an account's primary Donor Advisor. (If a supporting donor wishes to maintain control of the timing and amount of grants, please encourage him or her to open a new ACGFund Donor Account in his or her name.)

An ACGFund Donor Account is not designed to be used for short term pass-through grants. A nonprofit to which the funds will be granted within the next three months will be delighted to receive contributions directly.

Make the Most of Your Client's Giving